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67 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT daily duties involve speaking with clients, sketching designs, applying customer changes for final designs and managing online products. From an early age, much of Ms. Parker’s work has been inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. She was first exposed to Van Gogh’s work during middle school after watching an episode of the acclaimed television show “Doctor Who” in her art class. The episode involved the characters visiting the past and interacting with Van Gogh, and it exhibited many of the famed artist’s pieces. Since then, he has been Ms. Parker’s favorite artist, and she has written several papers about him and watched several movies in relation to his work. In addition, Ms. Parker has also drawn a great deal of inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki, the founder of Studio Ghibli. Her grandfather also introduced her to the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher at an early age, which also greatly inspired her. Furthermore, she is driven to succeed in the field for her family, who have always supported her artistic dreams. Ms. Parker also adamantly believes in the importance of being oneself. Throughout her career, Ms. Parker has been especially proud to have been invited multiple times to compete for the Banditto residency, an international art competition to which all competitors must be invited and is recognized by some of the most esteemed artists around the world. In the coming years, Ms. Parker hopes to open her own business and become a reliable employer. Natalie J. Parker recently began her professional career, specializing in the field of graphic design. Since 2019, she has operated as the owner and a graphic designer at Blaze Designs, a Georgia-based graphic design company. As part of her individual style, Ms. Parker prioritizes darker designs and vintage photography. Her NATALIE J. PARKER OWNER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER Blaze Designs Winder, GA