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68 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT also a licensed teacher in the state of Indiana and certified as a Japanese language instructor. Adjacent to his professional endeavors, Mr. Peterson is well regarded for his dedication to civic advocacy and his creative output. To wit, he has worked as a contributing writer for Quora Inc., since 2013. To commemorate his accomplishments in the field, Mr. Peterson was previously recognized with the Indiana Foreign Language Teacher of the Year Award by the Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association in 2003. In light of his many achievements, he attributes much of his success to the constant love and support of his parents. To wit, he naturally gravitated toward a creative career path, having been exposed to musicals and television from an early age. Mr. Peterson is proud to have worked with so many consummate professionals, and in the coming years, he hopes to continue teaching students and sharing his expertise with them. Having accumulated over four decades of experience, Michael John Peterson has excelled in the entertainment, film and music industries. Since 1981, he has found a wealth of success across a wide variety of creative vocational interests. In 1988, he founded The Peterson Studio of Voice in Frankfort, Indiana, where he specializes as a conductor and vocal coach. He has also served as a vocal coach and talent scout for Talent Fusion Agency since 2009, displaying a sincere interest in investing in the careers of virtuous professionals. Furthermore, Mr. Peterson has operated as an actor, singer and musician within the StarNow network since 2017, and in 2020, he joined N1M International as a recording artist. Prior to beginning his vocational journey, Mr. Peterson served with the United States Army in Europe from 1971 to 1974. After retiring from military service, he subsequently pursued a formal education at Indiana University Bloomington, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in music education in 1981 and a master’s degree in secondary education in 1988. He is MICHAEL JOHN PETERSON ACTOR, SINGER AND MUSICIAN, STARNOW VOCAL COACH AND TALENT SCOUT, TALENT FUSION AGENCY Frankfort, IN