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76 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Dawn Renee Darnell is a globally recognized photographer and artist and was honored to be a member and juror of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), judging the Communicator, Davey and w3 awards. Winning 11 international photography awards and countless local and state awards, her photography book, “God’s Creations Captured – Real Photography,” won a Silver Book Award. She is a visual artist, book cover designer and owner of a small publishing company. Her award-winning book “Because of You, I Lost Everything!” is in the works to be a television mini-series. Her recently published 2023 book “Schoolhouse Dogs: Face Life” won three awards. Overall, she has won 22 book awards. Further, Mrs. Darnell has art exhibits in galleries across the world, and her images have been published in calendars, newspapers, books, book covers and websites, among others. She received the AVA Digital Award and a Communicator Award, has been a board member for five organizations, and was appointed a lifetime board member of a gallery. She has just started her own organic skincare line company. She is currently working on establishing an organic coffee company. PHOTOGRAPHER, OWNER A Desert Dawn Carlsbad, NM With over 20 years of collective experience to her credit, Kerry Kaye Davies has cultivated a career of excellence as a multitalented artist, writer and photographer. With a family lineage in artistry, she has produced a wealth of artistic pieces over the course of her career, specializing in acrylic and oil painting, ink pressings and photography. As a writer, Ms. Davies is well-versed in writing and editing a wide range of research topics, having had her education in novel and creative writing from the Extension Writers Program at the University of California Los Angeles. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Ms. Davies is also well-regarded for her dedication to civic advocacy, regularly volunteering as a photographer and editor for the University Dance Company at the University of California San Bernardino. Over the course of her career, she has largely attributed her success to her determination and desire to achieve her goals, as well as her passion for art. In the coming years, Ms. Davies aims to incorporate her writing into her painting, and she is keen on helping others achieve their full potential. Please visit ARTIST, WRITER Kerry Kaye Art Shop Riverside, CA KERRY KAYE DAVIES DAWN RENEE DARNELL