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77 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT WILDLIFE ARTIST Papillon Fine Art LLC Bailey, CO ARTIST, ART TEACHER Nora Faber Gallery Grand Rapids, MI AGNIESZKA “AGA” ELLIOTT Having accrued extensive experience, Agnieszka “Aga” Elliott is a proven expert in the field of art. Specializing as a wildlife artist, she enjoys capturing the purity and spirit of animals in the wild, with the intention of instilling in others the importance of wildlife preservation and an awareness of the planet’s natural heritage. Ms. Elliott is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation Inc. As part of her dedication to her profession, Ms. Elliott can regularly be found taking long hikes, swimming, camping and participating in any other activities that keep her outdoors. Well-regarded for her commitment to the field and for her artistic talents, she was recognized as a finalist for Wildlife Artist of the Year by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in 2021. Attributing much of her success to her passion, patience and open-minded attitude, Ms. Elliott hopes to become a renowned artist in the coming years so she can continue donating artwork for preservation causes and raising funds for animal conservation. Nora Lagerwey Faber Overvoorde has accrued a wealth of experience in the field as a prolific artist and acclaimed educator. Since 2010, she has operated as an artist, art teacher and program director at the eponymously named Nora Faber Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In her multiple roles, she instructs fellow artists in painting with acrylics and oils. In addition to her current positions, Ms. Faber Overvoorde previously served as a painting instructor and program director at Kendall College, the Cook Arts Center, and several Christian, public and charter schools between 1998 and 2014. As part of her vocational journey, Ms. Faber Overvoorde pursued a formal education at Calvin University, earning a bachelor’s degree in art education and psychology in 1998. Well regarded for her dedication to the art industry, she is a member of Grand Valley Artists and was highlighted in an article in Voyage Magazine. In light of her fulfilling career, Ms. Faber Overvoorde attributes much of her success to her passion for her craft, having viewed art as a form of worship. She uses art to express her thoughts and prayers within her abiding faith. NORA LAGERWEY FABER OVERVOORDE