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33 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine and life-changing behavior for readers. Through her passion for writing, Ms. Lazo spearheaded her company, DreamCatcher Print in 2011, through which has published a series of books for young readers about real-life heroes. These storylines aim to inspire children to lead better lives. Additionally, she has authored a number of books on personal transformation and remains committed to being a positive force for transformation worldwide. Ms. Lazo is also the co-founder of Magnum Opus Development Group, which builds homes for discerning homebuyers. Ms. Lazo is the author of the 2019 works “The Gift of Bravery: The Story of Eli Cohen” and “Confessions from a Mom to her Child,” as well as the 2018 “The Best Worst Thing That Happened to Me.” She also contributes to the Canadian- Jewish News. Her website “My Journey to Healing and Self Discovery” is intended to share stories of love, reflection, personal growth and pearls of wisdom that she believes comes from looking at ourselves inward into the darkness and finding the light that emerges from overcoming pain. From 1995 to 2007, Ms. Lazo served as co- founder of Embanet, an e-learning provider of higher education. Similarly, today Ms. Lazo leads people through an online course called “The Gratitude Experiment, FMTG” where she teaches about the process of learning to develop the powerful habit of gratitude and how to apply it to their daily lives, regardless of the circumstances. Ms. Lazo holds a BA and MA in criminal justice from the University of Toronto. She attributes her success to the notion, “When you put service to others forward in your life, your life begins to thrive because you cannot possibly help another without helping yourself.” Ms. Lazo’s divine path has tremendously improved her mental health, and she hopes to pass similar lessons onto others. G uiding herself out of a deep grief and traumatic set of events through realizing for what she is grateful, Waleuska Lazo is now a passionate writer and entrepreneur focused on helping people reclaim their natural power fromher own journey of self-development. Ms. Lazo’s writing is raw and healing, known to evoke a range of emotions WALEUSKA LAZO PRESIDENT DreamCatcher Print North York, Ontario, Canada ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT